Ukrainian border guards report seeing four Russia Mi-8 helicopters near Crimea

Ukrainian border guards have recorded activity of four Russian Mi-8 helicopters near the administrative border with Crimea.  This was mentioned on the website of Ukrainian authorities.

“Border guards of the Genichesk unit of the Berdyansk squad have recorded Russian aircraft flying near the administrative border of Crimea.  There were four Mi-8 helicopters flying near the border’s vicinity,” the statement said.

In November of last year, the Ukrainian government decided to prohibit Russian aircraft from entering Ukraine’s airspace.  Previously, it was only closed for the military aircraft and aircraft performing military transit.  Ukraine’s airspace was also closed for the transit of Russian military cargo and dual use goods.

Airspace violations by Russian aircraft have increased significantly over the last year. In November of 2015, a Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down over the Turkish-Syrian border by a Turkish F-16 fighter.  Ankara accused the Russian plane of violating Turkish airspace, but Moscow denies the allegations. The incident has led to a souring of relations between Moscow and Ankara.

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