Moldovan President hopes for the resignation of the Prime Minister after the expulsion of Russian diplomats

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, said at a press conference on Tuesday that he hopes that the country's Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, will resign after the decision to expel Russian diplomats from the republic.

"I hope that in the near future I will see other resignations (on Tuesday, Dodon signed four decrees on the resignation of other ministers - members of the Liberal Party of Moldova). Maybe the Prime Minister himself will leave because of what happened yesterday," Dodon stressed.

He also said that it would be logical for Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur and the head of the Information and Security Service, Mihai Balan to resign. According to him, the actions of the Director of the Information and Security Service and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration threatened the security of Moldova.

"It is logical for them to resign. Most likely, the meeting of the Security Council will be held on Tuesday ... I will wait for a report from them, then we will decide what to do with them from there," the President said.

Dodon also said that he hopes to discuss the situation directly with Russian President Putin.

"During the following days, while in St. Petersburg (at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg), I will hold scheduled meetings with the leadership of Russia at different levels. I hope, there will be a meeting with the President. We will discuss all of this. But not until we have all calmed down," Dodon said.

As the President of Moldova noted, he is sure that the government of the republic saw the dynamics between the countries that have been achieved over the past six months and is trying to get a response though these means.

"Let's not succumb to these provocations," Dodon added.

Yesterday the Russian embassy in Moldova received an announcement that five Russian diplomats were persona non grata in the country. According to Prime Minister Pavel Filip, the decision was made on the basis of information received from the special services. At the same time, Dodon said that he condemns such actions by the Moldovan government.

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