Russia's gas export revenues fell by 31 percent

Revenue from Russian gas exports in January-June 2016 amounted to 14.975 billion dollars, which is 31.6% less than in the same period of 2015 as indicated in the data from the Russian Federal Customs Service, reports Prime business news outlet.

In January-June of 2016, Russia exported 95.4 billion cubic meters of gas (a 6.95% growth in comparison with January-June 2015), including the far abroad countries - 78.3 billion cubic meters (14.6% growth) and the CIS (former Soviet Union) countries - 17 billion cubic meters (18.27% reduction).
Revenue from oil exports in January-June 2016 decreased by 31.5% compared with a year earlier - to 32.929 billion dollars.

Export to far abroad countries amounted to 115.878 million tons against 109.199 million tons a year earlier (6.1% growth). In monetary terms, the value of the supply amounted to 30.45 billion dollars compared to 44.982 billion previously (a 32.3% drop).
Oil exports to CIS countries amounted to 11.903 million tons against 11.313 million tons a year earlier (5.2% rise), the cash value of which is 2.48 billion dollars as opposed to 3.12 billion a year earlier (20.5% drop).

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