Russia's Defense Ministry orders thousands of medals for personnel involved in Syria operation

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced a tendering process for the purchase of more than twenty thousand medals for those participating in military operations in Syria.

According to information provided on the procurement website, the agency will spend up to 45 million rubles on the medals. Twenty thousand medals will be awarded to "participants of the military operation in Syria," while another fifty medals will be given "for the liberation of Palmyra" and an additional fifty "for the mine clearance of Palmyra."

The Russian Defense Ministry also conducted a similar auction last year; however, it only requested the production of 10,300 medals for those involved in Syria operations at the time.

According to Novaya Gazeta, The Russian Defense Ministry has called the publication of the tender announcement for the 20,000 medals (for those involved in Syria military operations) on its public procurement website a ‘mistake’.

"Information about the Russian Defense Ministry’s alleged purchase of 20 thousand departmental medals is untrue. When the documentation regarding an electronic auction for the purchase of heraldic goods on behalf of the Russian Defense Ministry was published on the official website of the Unified Information System in the field of public procurement documentation, it was a mistake," claims the agency.

The agency reported that they are conducting "procurement procedures, which involve the production of 2,000 medals."

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that "Islamic State" (ISIL) plans to inflict maximum damage to ancient monuments in the Syrian city of Palmyra.

In December 2016 ISIL returned to Palmyra, which had been liberated in March by the Syrian army with the support of the Russian air group.

Palmyra had been under the control of Islamic extremists since May 2015. During this time, militants blew up many historical monuments, including the Monumental Arch, which had been build in the ancient Roman period, as well as three columns and a temple built during the late antique period.

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