Reporters learned of the death of another Russian soldier in Syria

Artillery Captain Marat Akhmetshin from Tatarstan was killed in Syria in the summer of 2016. He became at least the 24th Russian soldier killed during the Syrian operation. Information about his death was published on January 7 by the Tatar news website,

According to the statement of his widow, Guzel Akhmetshin, which was published by in April last year, the captain was sent on detached duty. After a while, he was able to call his wife from an unknown number, which turned out to be Syrian. She also said that Akhmetshin died on June 5 near Palmyra but she did not specify exactly how it happened.

The military commissariat of the Novo-Savinovsky and Aviastroitelny districts of Kazan confirmed the death to RBC news agency. Akhmetshin’s funeral was held in August 2016. The deceased was posthumously awarded with an honorary title, Hero of the Russian Federation.

The last Russian soldier to perish in Syria before the information about Akhmetshin came to light was Colonel Ruslan Galitsky, who carried out tasks as part of a group of Russian military advisors in Syria. He died in a hospital after receiving serious wounds during the shelling by "the opposition fighters" of one of the districts in the west of Aleppo.

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