Ukraine: Entry procedures into the Crimea violated by 600 ships

The Crimean Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, which is located in Kyiv, is investigating the illegal entry and exit of more than 600 ships into and from the territory of the annexed peninsula, as reported on the website of the Prosecutor's Office of Crimea, based on the results of the Office's work over six months of this year.  

"To date, the Prosecutor's Office has initiated criminal proceedings on the violation of entry procedures into the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine by more than 600 vessels and [later] departure from it [the territory]; arrest was imposed on three vessels. It is necessary to intensify work on this front," said Gunduz Mamedov, the Crimean prosecutor.

He also added that there are first claims against airlines of the Russian Federation and other states for flights over the Crimea.

"We first have the lawsuits against the airlines of the Russian Federation and other countries in order to recover arrears amounts for air flights over the temporarily occupied territory. I ask to cover not only air transport, but also sea and other types of transport," Mamedov said.

In particular, the Prosecutor's Office of the Crimea filed a lawsuit against a debtor company that carries out daily flights to the annexed Crimea, in order to recover 354,400 euros.

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