Political analyst Andrey Piontkovsky: Russia's provocations in Crimea are just the beginning

Well-known Russian political analyst Andrey Piontkovsky believes that Russia’s provocations against Ukraine are just the beginning of the campaign, as stated in an interview with Obozrevatel.com.

"There have been lots of surprises already. They will be seen at least within a month before elections in Russia,” Piontkovsky stated. The State Duma elections are scheduled for September 18, 2016. He also reminded readers that threats—like “the death of our servicemen will not be unavenged”—against Kiev have already been heard.

According to him, Ukraine has to be ready for "any surprises, disgusting things, and provocations" in the near future. Piontkovsky also believes that the Kremlin will not resort to initiating large-scale operations.

As previously reported, evidence was found on the Internet that shows editing of a video which was allegedly taken by the Federal Security Service (FSB) agents during the arrest of Ukrainian saboteurs in the Crimea.

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