Polish Navy to acquire surveillance aircraft for use in the Baltic Sea

The Ministry of Defense of Poland has begun discussing plans to acquire new surveillance and maritime patrol aircraft for use in the Baltic Sea, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported with reference to Defense News.

The Ministry plans to purchase three surveillance aircraft by 2023, and three maritime patrol aircraft by 2030.

Meanwhile, it is unclear whether the current government will continue the plan of the previous Cabinet of Ministers to allocate additional funds for the overhaul and modernization of the Polish Navy.

According to the program, Poland will spend 900 million zlotys ($ 233 million) per year until 2030 on ships and weapons for the Navy which, according to analysts, is the most underfunded branch of the Polish Armed Forces.

Russian aircraft and ships have been seen near the borders of NATO members states an increasing amount since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the aggravation of relations between the West and Russia.

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