Poland proposes making Ukraine the primary focus of the NATO-Russia Council meeting

The Head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, Pavel Soloh, stated that the Ukrainian crisis should be the main subject of the forthcoming NATO-Russia meeting, Rosbalt reported.

When Soloh visited Berlin, he noted that Russia violated international law by annexing the territory of another state, which led to an increase of tensions in relations between NATO and Moscow. According to the Head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, the decision on the council meeting was taken only after NATO announced the intention to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe.

He emphasized that the order plays an important role in this case.

“Firstly, we strengthen our defense capability, and then we will talk,” Soloh said.

As previously reported, the NATO-Russia Council is planning to hold a special meeting in Brussels during which the Ukrainian crisis will be discussed. The parties will meet in the coming weeks at the ambassadorial level. It will be the first Council meeting since 2014.

“The NATO-Russia Council will discuss the Ukrainian crisis and the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. The debates on the military activity of the parties with a particular focus on the transparency and reduction of mutual risks were also placed on the agenda,” NATO explained.

The situation in Afghanistan and other regional terrorist threats will be also discussed.

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