Poland abandons Russian gas over poor quality

The Polish company GAZ-System has reported a cutoff of gas from the country's pipeline system originating from the reverse side of the Yamal gas pipeline. According to the company's statement, the reason for refusal of the gas injections is their low quality.

GAZ-System's official representative, Tomasz Pietrasienski, explained to RIA Novosti that the issue is "about Russian gas" coming through reverse delivery.

"The gas does not currently meet the quality parameters. The provider of the gas supplied to the national gas transportation system is responsible for the compliance of its quality with the established parameters," the company said in a statement.

The company explained that the restrictions will continue through the morning of June 23, but may be extended if necessary. The GAZ-System stressed that the measures taken will not affect the safety of the gas pipeline system under its control, and the recipients of gas coming in the virtual reverse from Mallnow station have been notified of the incident.

The Mallnow compressor station in the Frankfurt (Oder) area near the German-Polish border is the extreme western point of the Yamal-Europe transnational gas pipeline, through which natural gas from Russia is pumped to Germany.

There was a short-term technical problem with the quality of gas supplied to the Yamal-Europe system in the evening of June 20, Gazprom Export representatives told RBC news agency. "Specialists from the involved companies of the Gazprom Group are taking all necessary measures to resolve this issue as soon as possible and supply gas of proper quality. Our company's specialists have taken all measures to ensure that this situation will not affect Gazprom Export's fulfillment or reliability the purposes of European customers.

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