OSCE condemns threats against its observers in eastern Ukraine

The Acting Head of the OSCE, German Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier, expressed concerns over the increase in ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine including incidents involving OSCE observers.

“The SMM is a civil, unarmed mission. It plays an important role in the implementation of the ceasefire agreement. SMM observers’ security should be guaranteed by both sides. The persons responsible for threats and use of force against observers must be brought to justice,” Steinmeier said.

OSCE observers in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine repeatedly stated that they cannot work freely there, and that they are not allowed in some regions.

On April 27th, the websites supported by Russian separatists from the DPR stated that the leader of this group, Alexander Zakharchenko, expressed his dissatisfaction with the “poor performance” of the OSCE observers and decided to “monitor” their work in Olenivka, where civilians died as a result of ceasefire violations.

Earlier this month in Luhansk there was a rally demanding that the observers “start working or leave town.”

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