NATO can increase funding of Ukrainian Army

A decision on increasing funding will be made at the summit in Warsaw

The acting head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO, Yehor Bozhok, in his interview with Kyivpost stated that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) can increase the funding for reforms for the Ukrainian Army if Ukraine is able to clearly identify its needs. The decision on the increase in funding can be made at the summit in Warsaw.

Bozhok recalled that four trust funds were created by NATO last year and all 28 NATO Member States make contributions to it. The number of reform initiatives in the Ukraine-NATO program aimed at bringing the Ukrainian Armed Forces into line with NATO standards is funded by these trust funds.

“If Ukraine identifies its needs more specifically, 28 NATO Member States will be ready to increase their contributions to the trust funds to assist Ukraine in strengthening its defensive capacity to achieve the ultimate goal – the accession of Ukraine to NATO,” Bozhok said. According to him, about 5 million Euros were allocated for Ukrainian assistance projects and this amount is sufficient now.

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, will present Ukraine’s Strategic Defense Bulletin at the NATO summit in Warsaw in July 2016.

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