Media: Kremlin facing challenges in developing campaign strategy for Putin for 2018 elections

The Kremlin has not yet come up with “a vision for Russia's future” that Vladimir Putin could use in the 2018 presidential election, reported the Russian publication Vedomosti.

According to people close to the Russian president's administration, work in this direction is "stormy" and "difficult." Notably, more than a dozen meetings have taken place on this issue.

The Kremlin has already replaced several resource professionals who were to invent an image of the future for Putin's campaign. However, the development of this topic may continue indefinitely.

"The world is changing, circumstances change…when everything began, there was 'hostile Obama' and then Trump appeared. The internal content of the documents is also changing. At some point it will come to an end, so that it all can be turned into a program," said a source close to the Russian presidential administration.

According to preliminary information, the corresponding image of the future should be ready by the end of September, or closer to the beginning of the campaign in December.

As previously reported, according to a survey by the Levada Center, two-thirds of polled Russians would like to see Vladimir Putin as head of state after 2018. The Russian presidential elections are scheduled for March 18, 2018.

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