Lavrov: Trump stands for good relations with Moscow

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said in an interview on Channel One that U.S. President Donald Trump is consistent in his statements that relations with Russia will be based on mutual interests, Interfax reports.

"Trump never said he wanted to have bad relations with Russia – neither during the election campaign nor after becoming the incumbent president. On the contrary, he stated he intended to have normal, mutually respectful relations that would be based on properly understood common interests with all countries, including the Russian Federation," Lavrov noted.

According to him, one such common interest is, above all, the fight against terrorism. "In my opinion, U.S. President Trump’s has been consistent," the Russian Foreign Minister stressed.

It is noted that the range of Syrian problems, in particular, the creation of de-escalation zones in Syria, was the main theme of the conversation between Lavrov and Trump.

On May 10th there was a meeting between Trump and Lavrov in Washington. The U.S. President characterized the meeting with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs very positively.

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