Kremlin: the US has no right to demand any conditions in exchange for the return of Russian diplomatic property

The return of Russian diplomatic property seized in the United States may not be subject to any conditions, as stated by Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary of the Russian President, Interfax reports.

“The return to Russia of its diplomatic property may not and should not be under any conditions, it definitely contradicts international law”, Peskov said.

A Kremlin representative also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not made any decisions yet on the expulsion of US diplomats in response to US actions. “The head of state, who determines Russia's foreign policy, has not made any decisions yet,” said Peskov, answering the correspondent’s question.

In December 2016, the administration of former US President Barack Obama introduced additional anti-Russian sanctions, and expelled 35 Russian diplomats and members of their families from the United States and closed access to the suburban dachas of the Russian Federation's Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York and Embassies in Washington.

Earlier, the White House said that US authorities could return Russia’s diplomatic property if they would “see the Kremlin's desire to maintain a ceasefire in Syria.”

  Russian Embassy, USA