Expert: Blackout in the Crimea was due to a shortage of power supply in neighboring Russia

The Director of the Center for Global Studies, Strategy XXI, Mykhailo Gonchar, believes that the blackout in the Crimea was due to a shortage of electricity in the neighboring regions of Russia, as he stated in a commentary with Krym.Realii.

"The so-called energy bridge is in fact not very reliable. The neighboring region of Russia, Taman, which provides the power is as energy-deficient as the Crimea. If it's hot there, it's hot in the Crimea. We can assume that everyone turned on their air conditioners and are cooling down, however there is not enough of power. Consumption rose sharply and as a result there was a blackout," the expert explained.

According to the expert, a blackout in the Crimea is another confirmation that the construction of the energy bridge is "a sham and it cannot effectively supply the peninsula with electricity."

The annexed Crimea was left completely without power on July 28th, as a result of an accident in the Krasnodar Krai region of neighboring Russia. All four branches of the energy bridge to the Crimea were turned off.

According to Russian authorities in the Crimea, at the moment the energy supply is fully restored, all power lines supplying the energy to the Russian-annexed Crimea will be working. The Crimean headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed: there are no threats to life or the safety of citizens due to the restriction of electricity supplies in the Crimea.

Earlier it was reported that the reason for the blackout in the entire Crimea was the anomalous heat, which led to the emergency shutdown of power lines.

The electricity supplied from the mainland of Ukraine to the Crimea was stopped in December 2015 due to the damage to the transmission pylons in the Kherson region. Now the Crimea is supplied by its own generation, generators from Russia, and through the energy bridge from the Kuban.

  Crimea, Russia