Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament doesn't recognize Savchenko verdict

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament endorsed a joint statement on the release of Nadiya Savchenko as announced by the Batkivshchyna Party Deputy, Alyona Shkrum.

"Just now the Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, Mr. Elmar Brok, released a statement concerning the verdict of the court of Donetsk, the Rostov region, the Russian Federation, on Nadiya Savchenko’s case," she noted.

"The Committee does not recognize this verdict, considers the case to be politically motivated and calls for the release of Nadiya. There were no objections from any of the EU Committee members," Shkrum added.

As it was previously reported, the Donetsk city court has postponed the sentencing of Nadiya Savchenko until Tuesday, March 22.

Nadiya Savchenko had been charged with the murder of two Russian journalists. It is widely believed that Savchenko was in fact captured by Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) separatists in eastern Ukraine and was illegally transported to Russia, where the case was fabricated against her.

Savchenko was elected to the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada in absentia in October of 2014, and became an official delegate of the PACE several months later.

On March 2nd, the prosecutor’s office requested that she be sentenced to 23 years in a penal colony plus a fine of 100,000 rubles ($1,400).

Savchenko declared a dry hunger strike on March 3rd after the Donetsk City Court in the Rostov region announced that she would not be given a chance to make her final closing statement during a court hearing.

Rallies in support of her immediate release have taken place in Ukraine, Russia and other countries around the World, and many western leaders consider the case to be little more than a show trial.

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