NATO: Ukrainian army lacks coordination between agencies

During a consulting session on the development of Ukraine’s national defense, the NATO head of advisory support expert group, Hasit Tankey stated that Ukraine meets the seven basic NATO resilience requirements, but lacks interagency coordination,  the press service of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers reported.

According to Tankey, Ukraine must improve interagency coordination in matters of strategic and operational control during hybrid wars. 

The Alliance expert noted that Ukraine has a high level of national resilience in all areas within the seven basic requirements of NATO, and also has powerful crisis response capabilities at the operational and tactical levels. However, in his opinion, there is a need to improve coordination on the strategic and operational level. 

“During a hybrid war, problems in interagency coordination create areas of vulnerability. So, there is room for improvement,” stressed Hasit Tankey. 

Earlier it was reported that NATO recognizes Ukraine’s desire to join the Alliance and states that is in solidarity with Ukraine.

  Ukraine, NATO, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine