Moldovan government endorses introducing phrase 'European integration' in the Constitution

The Moldovan Government supports the introduction of a Constitutional article on the country’s European aspirations, as stated in a message on the website of the Government of Moldova.

"Today the Cabinet of Ministers expressed a favorable opinion on the legislative initiative to amend the Constitution to highlight the country's European integration aspirations and promote the Republic of Moldova’s orientation towards the European democratic value space," the report said.

The Ministers approved amendments to the Preamble and the first article of the Constitution to include provisions on Moldova’s European path, as well as the inclusion of a new Article in which European integration is declared a strategic goal of the country's development.

MPs from the Democratic Party launched the initiative to include European integration in the Constitution in the fall of last year. The need to change the Constitution, they argued, came from the Declaration on the Independence of Moldova, the Association Agreement with the EU, and a decision by the Constitutional Court from October 9, 2014, in which the Court declared the course towards European integration to be a defining element of the constitutional identity of Moldova.

The draft amendments were approved by the Constitutional Court in December.

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