Moldovan President Dodon promises 'to overthrow the parliament and the government in all possible ways'

During an official visit to the training ground in Bulboaca ,the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, accused the government and parliament of “being influenced from abroad” and threatened that he “would overthrow its authority in every possible way”, reported the office of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

“Together with the people of Moldova, we will direct our efforts to overthrow this authority in every possible way, including convening the Great National Assembly and organizing non-stop protests,” said Dodon.

The report notes that the president was convinced that “the activities at the Bulboaca training ground are going according to the usual plan, the military premises are being repaired and renovated, and the infrastructure of the roads is being improved.”

“Igor Dodon said that they did not find anything questionable that would lend credence to rumors about the possible participation or interference of the U.S. armed forces,” the report said.

Dodon also noted that by the end of August he will convene a meeting of the High Security Council “to get more details and distribute necessary instructions.” He also plans to inspect all military facilities in the country in the coming weeks.

“I reminded the top-ranking officers that Moldova is a neutral state, and that I will not allow Moldovan soldiers to become cogs in any military bloc, whether in the West or in the East. If the government, along with the parliamentary majority, being influenced from abroad, try to involve Moldova to participate in the regional military conflict as part of the geopolitical struggle in the region, I will have to get tough to ensure peace and national security,” Dodon said.

He also said that it is necessary to preserve peace on Moldovan soil, so he will not allow secret and dangerous games that endanger the security of Moldovan citizens, and intends to categorically resist any attempts to involve Moldova in conflicts or wars.

“Due to the fact that I am interfering with the intentions of both external and internal forces with regards to military activities, an aggressive attack in the media – which is supported financially by the West – has been launched against me. But no one will be able to intimidate me and force me to give up. I will unquestioningly uphold the security and peace in our country!” concluded Dodon.

  Moldova, Igor Dodon