Merkel: Europe cannot rely on US military assistance

Europe can no longer rely on military assistance from the US, German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes, as reported by Interfax.

According to her, the countries of Europe need to see to their defense independently.

“It is no longer the case that the US will simply protect us. It’s time for Europeans to take their fate into their own hands,” she said during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in the German city of Aachen.

According to the German Chancellor, there are major global conflicts taking place “on Europe’s doorstep”. While the countries of Europe have made some small progress in the area of military collaboration, their military alliance is still “in its infancy”, she added.

Merkel also expressed concern regarding the danger of a potential military conflict between Israel and Iran.

The German chancellor said that the allies will support and protect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Trilateral negotiations involving Merkel, Macron and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko are currently taking place in Germany.

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