Media: Russian serviceman killed in Syria

Alexei Ch., a resident of Ussuriysk who served in the Primorsky Territory, died while on a business trip to Syria in early November, reports the Amur News Service.

According to the publication, information about his death appeared on November 7; no information is known regarding the circumstances surrounding it. His friends expressed their condolences in comments to a photo of him posted on Odnoklassniki (Russian social network).

One classmate who learned about his death had regularly spoken with Alexei; however, their communication was interrupted in early November. It is reported that the deceased was born in Ussuriysk. He was about thirty years old, and had studied in the Economics department at Amur State University.

The press service of the Eastern Military District of Russia did not comment on the information, saying that this issue is outside their jurisdiction. There is no information about the death of the serviceman on the Russian Ministry of Defense’s website.

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