Kyiv wants to create free economic zones in Donbas and Western Ukraine

The head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration Andrii Yermak announced that Kyiv plans to create a free economic zone not only in the Donbas, but also in one of the western regions of Ukraine.

According to him, the project of a free economic zone in western Ukraine is being developed and will be further discussed at the Ukrainain Parliament and among experts.

"Today, these two zones, these two economic opportunities should also work to unite the country," Yermak said on the air of the TV channel "1+1”.

The free economic zone in the Donbas was one of the five items on President Zelensky’s poll conducted during local elections in Ukraine on October 25.

The Presidential Administration explained that establishing special economic conditions in the territories of the Donbas which are under Ukraine’s control will contribute to the pace and effective reintegration of the region. Ukrainian President Zelensky is confident that a free economic zone in the Donbas will help attract investment to the region and end the war.

According to the results of the poll conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, 45% of Ukrainians are against the free economic zone in the Donbas, and 32% of respondents said that they could not answer the question what the "free economic zone" means.

  Donbas, Yermak, Ukraine