Kyiv: American troops can be deployed to Ukraine

US troops can be deployed to Ukraine in order to strengthen the country’s air defense, said the Ukrainian Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, Oleksii Reznikov, at a meeting in the United States with the President of the American analytical organization Jamestown Foundation, Glen Howard.

"It is important to expand the security package for Ukraine. First of all, due to the deployment of air defense forces, even by deploying American troops. Our legislation allows this," he said.

Reznikov also drew attention to the fact that “today Russia has occupied the Sea of Azov, militarized the Black Sea, is preparing to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea and uses the temporarily occupied peninsula as a support for military operations in the Middle East and Africa, and to exert its influence in the Balkans”.

As another threat, Reznikov pointed out to the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord stream-2. In his opinion, it is necessary to prevent the commissioning of this gas pipeline by imposing sanctions against companies that are engaged in the project.

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