Kurds are ready to start dialogue with Syria and Russia if the US withdraws troops

The official representative of the Kurdish-led authorities in northern Syria, Badran Jia Kurd stated that Syrian Kurds, deployed in the North of Syria are ready to start negotiations with the Syrian government and Russian representatives, if the United States completely withdraws its troops from the border zone with Turkey.

Turkey and the United States planned to create a security zone in Northern Syria. However, on October 1, Turkish President Recep Erdoğan declared that Ankara had not achieved the desired result in negotiations with Washington and that Turkey plans to create a security zone alone. The United States began the withdrawal of troops from northeastern Syria.

The White House said after the talks between Turkish President Erdoğan and US President Donald Trump that the United States would not participate in Turkey's operation in Syria. The Pentagon also denied the possibility of US involvement in the operation. Trump said that the US Armed Forces should "get out of the ridiculous endless wars" in Syria. At the same time, he promised that if Ankara does anything that is "off limits", he will "destroy and obliterate the Turkish economy."

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