Kremlin: Russia tested next generation cruise missiles and Su-57 fighters in Syria

Russia has tested next generation cruise missiles in Syria from the fifth generation Su-57 fighter in February, Interfax reports, citing Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu.

“Practical launches of next generation cruise missiles of operational-tactical designation were carried out from the fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft in February of this year to assess the combat performance of the military equipment being developed," he reported.

On February 22, Syrian sources reported that two fifth-generation Russian fighters in Syria were spotted in Syria. These newest fighter jets arrived in the Middle Eastern republic together with four Su-35S fighters and an A-50U radar patrol aircraft.

Later, Shoygu specified that the Su-57 had been in Syria for two days, during which time they successfully carried out a test program, including combat trials. The Defense Minister expressed the hope that the Su-57 will become "another surprise for our colleagues."

The Su-57 has not yet been mass produced, and only began flights with a new engine and weapons in December and January. In February it started experimental and combat operations. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade believes that flight testing of the fighters with a new power unit will last about three years.

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