France closes its trade and investment office in Russia

On Monday, July 16, France closed its trade and investment representative office in Russia, publishing an announcement in the communiqué of the French Embassy in Russia, which was released on the same day. The decision to close the office was taken following a notification from Russian authorities stating that from now on, Business France is no longer allowed to work in Russia under the provisions of French law. The trade mission of France provided support for the activities of Business France in Russia.

Business France, which is the partner of the French companies in export markets, was faced with the fact that operating conditions have been degraded considerably in recent months, the Embassy notes. In particular, the organization’s bank account was seized “despite it being protected by the Vienna Convention.” In addition, the organization’s director, possessing a diplomatic passport, was expelled from Russia.

“Local conditions” do not make it possible for Business France to implement tasks in support of French enterprises in the territory of the Russian Federation. The French side “still considers it as its duty to continue supporting French enterprises in this important market” and in the future, intends “to rely on non-state partners,” the document says.

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