Former Lithuanian Prime Minister's son questioned in connection with Russian espionage case

52-year old Vaidotas Prunskus has been questioned in connection with a case of espionage for Russia, Delfi reported on Wednesday. Prunskus is the son of former Lithuanian Prime Minister Kazimira Prunskiene, the first Lithuanian prime minister after the declaration of independence in 1990. 

“I was not arrested but I was questioned,” Prunskus said. He refused to provide more detailed comments. “A preliminary investigation is in process, so I will refrain from detailed comments,” he said. 

About a week ago, Darius Jauniškis, Head of the Lithuanian State Security Department, spoke evasively about the alleged detention of Prunskus on the public TV channel. “I will leave the question (about the arrest) up in the air. I can neither reject nor confirm it,” he said. 

Kazimira Prunskiene served as Lithuania’s Prime Minister during one of the most difficult periods for the country, since March 11, 1990, when the country declared independence, until January 10, 1991.   After her resignation, Prunskiene remained active in political life, ran for president and served as a member of parliament. She had to leave politics after recovering from a serious illness in 2012. 

On December 19, the Head of Lithuanian State Security stated that law enforcement authorities identified a group of people who were collecting information for the Russian special services. In October, the opposition politician Algirdas Paleckis, allegedly involved in those activities, was arrested and is still in custody. 

Prunskus admitted that he knows Paleckis. "I have known him for about two years. We have met four times," he said.

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