Kyiv: Ukraine supports strikes by US and allies on Syria

Ukraine expresses solidarity with the US, Britain and France, and supports its allies’ response to Damascus’s use of chemical weapons, which led to multiple civilian deaths in Syria, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry stated.

The department also drew attention to the Kremlin’s single-minded support of Damascus’s crimes. Even in the UN Security Council, Damascus has made it impossible to find a resolution to the conflict in Syria in accordance with the UN Charter.

“Ukraine affirms its firm stance, that the use of chemical weapons by anyone, anywhere and under any circumstances is a gross violation of international law, and the entities responsible for it must be held accountable,” the Foreign Ministry’s statement reads.

On Saturday April 14, the leaders of three countries – the US, France and Britain – announced the beginning of a military operation in Syria. Strikes would be directed against facilities which are suspected of being involved in the preparation of chemical weapons.

Roughly an hour later, it was reported that the first wave of strikes against Syria had already been completed, but the Pentagon did not exclude the possibility of further strikes. The US did not warn Russia in advance about the attack.

The operation in Syria is a response to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against civilians. The most recent attack on April 7 claimed the lives of at least 70 people, mostly women and children.

The World Health Organization confirmed that Assad’s forces had used chemical weapons in Douma. It also cited unconfirmed information from volunteers concerning the deaths of 70 people who took refuge from the bombardment in basements.

  US strikes in Syria, Ukraine