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  • Putin warns of 'chaos' if US strikes Syria again

    Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the phone, according to a press release on the Kremlin’s website. The presidents “exchanged opinions on the situation following the missile strike by the US and their allies in Syrian territory”. The phone call was initiated by Iran.

    “It was acknowledged that this unlawful action will seriously harm the prospects of a political resolution in Syria. In particular, Vladimir Putin emphasized that if such UN Charter- …

  • Kyiv: Ukraine supports strikes by US and allies on Syria

    Ukraine expresses solidarity with the US, Britain and France, and supports its allies’ response to Damascus’s use of chemical weapons, which led to multiple civilian deaths in Syria, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry stated.

    The department also drew attention to the Kremlin’s single-minded support of Damascus’s crimes. Even in the UN Security Council, Damascus has made it impossible to find a resolution to the conflict in Syria in accordance with the UN Charter.

    “Ukraine affirms its firm stance, …

  • Russia: it is clear that the US can strike at will in Syria

    The statement by the American officials that the US will not repeat the attacks on Syria if there is no threat to the American forces shows that the Pentagon has reserved the right to do so at any time, as stated by the First Deputy of the Federation Council on Defense and Security Committee, Franz Klintsevich, to journalists.

    "Any military person will tell you that the term ' threat ' has a broad interpretation. This means that the Americans reserve the right to hit Syria at any time. The …