Five employees wounded in an attack on the Donetsk water filtration plant

Five employees of the Donetsk water filtration plant were wounded during the shelling, the acting Director of Voda Donbasa municipal enterprise, Oleksandr Yevdokimov reported. According to him, a convoy of cars with workers who were going to conduct maintenance operation at the filtration station came under fire at about 3:40 p.m.

"They were workers from the day shift of the filtration station. Their bus was fired upon. Five are wounded; one is in serious condition," Yevdokimov said. He also added that the wounded are currently in hospital in Yasynuvata, where they are receiving medical assistance.

"Now we are deciding how to evacuate the night shift workers who are now at the filter station but will most likely stay there until morning," Yevdokimov said.

Donetsk filtration plant is regularly left without power due to artillery shelling. As a result, the cities of the Donetsk region on territory under the control of the Ukrainian government are often left without water for long periods of time.

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