Estonia to buy missiles for Mistral portable air defense systems from France for €50 million

Estonia’s state defense investment agency signed a contract for the purchase of short range missiles for Mistral man-portable missile system (MANPADs) for €50 million, Estonia’s Ministry of Defense reported on Twitter.

“The contract was concluded with the French manufacturer MBDA,” the statement reads. “It was signed by the head of the Center for Defense Investment, Rauno Sirk, and Vice President of the MBDA, Didier Philippe. In accordance with the agreement, between 2020 and o 2027, Estonia will purchase Mistral missiles and training equipment for €50 million.”

On May 15, 2018, the large-scale exercises called “Siil-2018” took place. The exercises were conducted by NATO allies, militias, and the army of Estonia, who worked together to counter the invasion of a hypothetical enemy located to the east.

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