Estonia puts forward territorial claims against Russia

The city of Ivangorod in Russia’s Leningrad region and part of the Pskov region belonged to the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, and should be returned to Estonia, said Henn Polluaas, deputy chairperson of Estonia’s Conservative People’s Party, as reported by Sputnik.Estonia.

“Russia took these territories from us by force. Of course, we would not be able to take them back by force. But we have waited 50 years for the restoration of our independence, and we can wait longer and longer. Suddenly, at some point, we will get these territories back. For this, in order to change the border, we will need to hold a nationwide voting referendum to change the constitution,” he said.

The Estonian politician admitted that the territories in question are Russian according to a Russian-Estonian border treaty. However, Polluaas believes that Russia has two options: to return the territories, or to pay for their use.

Russian MP Vitaly Milonov said that such territorial claims cannot be made against the aggressor-state, reports.

“I think that this matter is related to a certain pre-election rhetoric, which is generally more slanted. Legally, it would be impossible to stake claims against Moscow, because Ivangorod was and is part of Russia,” Milonov said.

The Russian politician said that such statements constitute provocation.

“In this case, we must not proceed with some kind of harsh response sanctions, but rather the official representatives should be informed that that kind of shouting plays a negative role in relations between the two countries. This is the position of the absolutely marginal minority,” the MP added.

Recently Kusti Salm, National Armaments Director of the Estonian Defense Ministry, said that Estonia is preparing for war.

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