Dozens of civilians die in Assad attack on Abu Kamal

Dozens of civilians were wounded and killed as a result of air and ground strikes carried out by the Syrian army and its allies, who have begun the offensive against the strategically important ISIS-captured city of Abu Kamal, on the border with Iraq, reported DW with reference to the London-based opposition organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

As reported, on November 12 the Syrian state forces intensified the attack on Abu Kamal several hours after Islamic State militants had regained control of the city.

The Islamic State terrorists managed to recapture Abu Kamal on the evening of Thursday, November 9. The day before, representatives of the Syrian command had announced that ISIS militants had been completely driven out of the city by the united forces of the Syrian Army and the allied armed formations from Iraq and Lebanon.

Abu Kamal is the last major city in Syria remaining under the jihadists’ control. It was first captured by ISIS in 2014.

In recent months, ISIS militants have been driven out of most territories in Syria and Iraq. The Iraqi army is currently conducting a military operation with US support to liberate the city of Rawa, the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq on the Syrian border.

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