Dodon: Moldova has no chance to join EU

According to Moldovan President Igor Dodon, the Eastern Partnership summit showed that Moldova “has no chance of joining the EU,” so the country should return to a strategic partnership with Russia, as expressed
  in a statement by Dodon, in which he gave his assessment of the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels, reported

According to Dodon, citizens of Moldova have undergone a massive campaign of manipulation, the purpose of which was to prove that joining the European Union is not only expedient but also achievable in the near future.

However, Dodon believes that the whole “pro-European hysteria” had a single objective: to create an ideal curtain behind which a billion euros were stolen from the banking system, state institutions were taken over, many schools and kindergartens were closed, hundreds of thousands of people were expelled, and other “ugly things.” The worst thing, according to Dodon, was the creation of a “ruling regime” that destroyed the strategic partnership with the Russian Federation.

According to Dodon, recent events, including the summit in Brussels, clearly demonstrate that Moldova “has no chance to join the EU.”

In his statement, the Moldovan leader thanked the Europeans for their support, but suggested to everyone that Moldova should have a balanced foreign policy, and that the authorities should return to a real and strategic partnership with Russia.

On November 24 in Brussels, the Eastern Partnership summit took place, in which heads of institutes of the European Union and six countries participated. Heads of state and members of the governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the head of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus came to Brussels. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Moldovan President Igor Dodon refused to go to the summit.

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