Czech intelligence uncovers Russian hacker network

A group of Russian hackers working for Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has been uncovered in the Czech Republic, said Michal Koudelka, director of the country’s Security and Information Service, in a special address to parliament.

He noted that the operation to uncover the agent network was conducted in conjunction with the National Center for Combating Organized Crime, the Czech news agency EuroZpravy reports.

Koudelka pointed out that the financing of the group of cyber criminals passed through the Russian embassy in Prague. The spies operated through two front companies which sold software and computers, the director noted.

The members of the group are Russian nationals, but all of them have Czech citizenship. According to Czech intelligence, the group has organized cyberattacks against targets in the Czech Republic and in other European countries. The Russian embassy in Prague has denied having any connection to the network of agents.

In December last year, Koudelka said that his department had unmasked dozens of Russian and Chinese spies over the last five years. On October 21, global news feeds were filled with reports that a group of Russian hackers masquerading as Iranian cyber criminals had been uncovered in the UK.

  Czech Republic, Russia