Belarusian Orthodox Church excommunicates Lukashenko

The head of the Belarusian Orthodox Autocephalous Church, Archbishop Sviatoslav Login, excommunicated Alexander Lukashenko from the church and declared anathema against him, reports Radio Liberty.

On Sunday, November 22, during a service at St. Cyril of Turov Cathedral in Toronto, Canada, in the presence of believers, the archbishop read "Archpastoral message to proclaim anathema on former President Alexander Lukashenko - dictator, murderer and tormentor of the pious Belarusian people."

The text of the excommunication itself is called "Anathema of former President Alexander Lukashenko, who creates lawlessness, persecutes and kills Orthodox and other peaceful Christians for the truth in Belarus."

"The devout Belarusian people are going through a difficult time when, on the orders of the impostor - former President Alexander Lukashenko, obsessed with the devil, our children are killed and bullied by our brothers and sisters. This executioner and his allies carry out massacres of civilians in the streets and prisons of the capital Minsk and in various cities of long-suffering Belarus, glorifying and continuing the God-insulting policy of the Bolsheviks, openly violating the commandments, destroying monuments," the document reads.

"We call upon those who still serve his satanic power not to obey criminal orders, otherwise you will face the curse of your descendants in mortality and hell in heavenly life," the statements continues.

Protests have been continuing in Belarus since August over the results of the elections, according to which Alexander Lukashenko was declared the winner. Protesters insist that the results were falsified.

The EU has already imposed two rounds of sanctions against Belarusian officials. The so-called blacklist includes 55 representatives of the country's leadership, in particular Alexander Lukashenko and the security forces. They are banned from entering the EU and their European bank accounts will be frozen if found.

Ukraine, as well as the EU and the United States, did not recognize the results of the elections as honest and reflecting the real will of the country’s citizens.

  Lukashenko, Belarus