Belarus to strengthen security on its border with Ukraine

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, approved the decision on the Belarusian state border security by the State Border Guard Service in 2018, as reported by BELTA news agency.

 It is reported that the decision on border security was made considering new situation, in particular, strengthening of the external borders of the EU by neighboring States due to the continuing migration crisis and increased terrorism threat levels in Western European countries.  Moreover, the prevention of illegal penetration and movement of terrorists and extremists in Belarus, the illegal movement of smuggled cargoes and other goods into the country, combating illegal migration and drug trafficking, and building-up infrastructure at the border, were identified as priority objectives.  

It was reported in mid-January that in Poland, the authorities of the Regional Tax administration conducts enhanced monitoring of checkpoints at the Eastern border of the country due to the spread of African swine flu virus.  One of the factors affecting the spread of the disease is considered to be the import of food products by individuals entering Poland from Belarus.

  Belarus, Ukraine