American mixed martial arts fighter Jeffrey Monson becomes Russian Deputy

RBC news agency reports that U.S. mixed martial arts fighter Jeffrey Monson, who was granted Russian citizenship three months ago, was elected to the council of the city of Krasnodonsk, near Moscow. Monson stated his intentions to become a Deputy in early June. He received a Russian passport on June 12. Monson became a Russian citizen by decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In his application Monson stated the he works as a fitness coach at the independent, non-commercial organization, Zorky sports club. After acquiring Russian citizenship, Monson also became a business partner of businessman Vladimir Kutiev who is the main owner of the only legal casino in the Altai Krai.

Several other well-known candidates for the regional deputies lost the elections. Igor Vostrikov, who was a candidate for the Council of People’s Deputies in Kemerovo region from the United Russia party, who lost his family during the fire at the Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center, did not become a Deputy.

Viktoria Skripal, a candidate from the Fair Russia party, niece of former spy Sergei Skripal who was poisoned in the UK, also failed to be elected as a deputy of the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma.

Last year, Monson made a friendly visit to the territories of the Luhansk region that which are not under Ukraine’s control. That was his sixth visit to the Donbas.

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