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  • Syrian rebel group claims to have killed six Russian officers

    The ‘Faylaq al-Sham’ group announced the deaths of six Russian officers as well as several Iranian and Syrian military in the province of Hama in Syria. This was reported by the SITE intelligence group, which monitors Islamist activity.

    According to representatives of the rebel group, they have "watched and followed" the killed servicemen for more than three months.

    However, the Russian Defense Ministry has denied the information about the deaths of six Russian soldiers in Syria, Interfax …

  • EU considers expanding sanctions against Russia

    The European Union continues to discuss tightening of sanctions against Russia due to its actions in Syria although the EU countries have not reached a common position yet, Radio Poland reports. Ideas regarding tightening of the diplomatic sanctions against Russia emerged in discussions, particularly regarding the extension of a “black list” of people who would be prohibited from entering the EU and have their European financial assets frozen.

    In particular, this is the view of Germany and …

  • State Border Guard Service of Ukraine: Russia sent 600 Donbas fighters to Syria

    Over 600 soldiers have returned to Russia from the occupied territories of the Donbas and will be deployed to Syria. According to 112 Ukraine news channel, this was stated by the assistant to the Chairman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Oleh Slobodian.

    “The process for selecting volunteers from occupied territories to participate in the Syrian conflict continues. A few days ago, several organized groups of these so-called volunteers, consisting of more than 600 people, arrived in …

  • Media: Several EU countries are considering extending sanctions on Russia over Syria

    Several EU countries including Britain, France, and Germany, are exploring the possibility of imposing sanctions against Russia due to the situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo, as reported by the Financial Times, citing a high-ranking diplomat in the EU.

    As Reuters notes, citing French and British diplomats, the possibility of adding up to 12 names to the ‘Syrian sanctions list’ is being considered. However, for these measures to be adopted, they must be approved by all 28 countries of the …

  • 'Main part' of Syria is protected by Russian S-300 and S-400 systems

    The main area of Syria is protected by a battery consisting of the S-300 in Tartus and the S-400 Triumph air defense systems in the Hmeymim base. This was announced by the head of the Council of the Federation Committee on Defense and Security, Viktor Ozerov.

    “I believe that the main part of Syria is covered. This is protection not only for the Russian contingent, but also for the Syrian forces,” Interfax quoted Ozerov as saying.

    The Russian Defense Ministry had previously said that Russia …

  • Syrian military air defense to be strengthened with Russian anti-aircraft systems

    Russia is taking steps to strengthen the Syrian army’s air defense, reported Izvestia newspaper, citing a well-informed source in diplomatic circles. Russian authorities are considering the possibility of sending a batch of Pantsir surface-to-air systems to Syria.

    The deal was made several years ago but was only partially implemented because of financial reasons. It was decided to send the remaining Pantsirs to Damascus without demanding immediate payment for delivery.

    The surveyed experts …

  • Media: Russia is increasing its military presence in Syria

    Russia is significantly increasing its military presence in Syria after the ceasefire broke down. It has deployed servicemen, aircraft and advanced missile systems to the country, Reuters reported, citing publicly available sources. The analysis of this data shows that Russia has doubled its military presence by air and sea compared with the almost two-week period that preceded the truce.

    It is the largest deployment of Russian Armed Forces in Syria since the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, …

  • Russia to establish permanent naval base in Tartus, Syria

    Russia’s Defense Ministry is preparing the documents needed to establish a permanent military base in Syria’s Port of Tartus, Interfax reported, referencing Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov.

    “On Syrian territory, we will have a permanent naval base in Tartus. The relevant documents have been prepared,” Pankov said.

    Tartus is the only logistics point of the Russian Navy located outside the former Soviet Union.

    The announcement comes less than a week after Russia deployed S-400 anti- …

  • Strelkov: If there were direct conflict between Russia and US in Syria, Ukraine would launch offensive in Donbas

    The former Minister of Defense of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Igor Strelkov (Girkin), did not exclude the possible escalation of the situation in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine as a result of Russia’s Syrian campaign.

    “I am closely watching the events in Syria and the Donbas. Because for me it’s an axiom — if the U.S.A. decides on a direct armed conflict with Russia in Syria, then it will be a logical step for the U.S. political and military leadership to throw …

  • Syrian opposition calls for new sanctions against Russia

    Representatives from the Syrian opposition have called on the European Union to impose sanctions against Russia for the use of high-tech weapons, including the bunker-buster bombs that it uses against the civilian population in eastern Aleppo, a senior member of the opposition Syrian High Negotiations Committee (HNC), Bassma Kodmani, said.

    “The EU should immediately introduce targeted sanctions against Russian officials and companies that are directly involved in the uncontrolled attacks …