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  • Russia can be subject to US sanctions due to support for Syrian government

    Members of the US House of Representatives have approved a bill imposing sanctions against countries and companies who provide financial assistance to Syrian authorities.

    The chairperson of the Committee of the House of Representatives on Foreign Affairs, Ed Royce, explained that the main objects of the bill are Russia and Iran. “We learned a painful lesson in people’s suffering. Even the UN described what is happening as a crime of historic proportions,” Royce said.

    The proposed sanctions …

  • McCain warns Trump not to become too friendly with Russia

    The republican senator John McCain warned US president-elect Donald Trump against softening relations with Russia. McCain stated that any “reset” of these relations will be a dangerous step.

    The remarks of John McCain, the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and an avid critic of Russia, showed rising tensions between Trump and the republicans in the senate with regard to Russia. McCain referred to a recent phone conversation between Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin …

  • Russian fighter jet from Admiral Kuznetsov crashes in the Mediterranean

    The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the crash of a MiG-29K from the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea. The Ministry reported that on November 14, while on a training flight, the fighter jet crashed a few kilometers away from the aircraft carrier when it was about to land on the ship.

    “The pilot ejected himself and after being picked up by a search and rescue team was transported to Admiral Kuznetsov,” reported the Russian Ministry of Defense adding that “the …

  • Syrian and Russian militaries to begin clearing operation in Aleppo

    In the next 24 hours, the Syrian army, with support of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Navy, will most likely start the operation to clear militants from Aleppo,  Izvestia reported on Tuesday, with reference to the first deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Franz Klintsevich.

    “It’s been almost three weeks since the humanitarian pauses followed one by one which, however, hardly made any progress. A humanitarian catastrophe is raging in Aleppo now. …

  • Commander of Russian Mediterranean flotilla: Nobody dares to fly over us

    According to the commander of the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, captain Sergey Artamonov, the naval strike group of the Russian Navy is maneuvering in the eastern part of the Mediterranean.

    “The ships of the strike group have moved into the designated area in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, near the western shores of Syria,” said Artamonov in his interview with “Saturday News” on the Russia 1 TV channel.

    The captain of the other ship of the flotilla, the Pyotr Velikiy battle …

  • US Defense Secretary advises Trump against cooperating with Russia in Syria

    US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter advised President-Elect Donald Trump not to cooperate with Russia in Syria, Rosbalt reported.

    “The Russians said that they will fight against terrorism and help to remove Bashar al-Assad from power. Nothing has been done. Moreover, Moscow assists Damascus. It only fuels the civil war in the country,” Carter stated in an interview with CBS.

    Carter opposes coordinating the actions of US and Russian forces in Syria. According to him, the US President should not …

  • Russia sets conditions for extending ceasefire around Aleppo

    The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that its ready to consider extending the so-called “humanitarian pause” in Aleppo as soon as the UN representatives in Syria officially confirm their readiness and ability to deliver humanitarian aid to the city and and evacuate the injured, women and children.

    “The main condition for extending the humanitarian pause in Aleppo is the readiness of the UN humanitarian mission in Syria to deliver the humanitarian aid to the eastern part of the city and also …

  • Russian ships are preparing to strike Aleppo

    "Russia's newest frigate, the Admiral Grigorovich, has replenished its supplies in the Syrian port of Tartus and is ready to carry out its tasks within the Russian navy group,” the Russian Interfax news agency reported, citing a source in military circles.

    “The Kalibr cruse missiles onboard the ship allow it to hit militants across the entire Syrian territory,” the source of the agency stated.

    The source said that after the visit to Tartus the preparations are underway onboard the ship: the …

  • Media: Russia is getting ready to launch airstrikes on Aleppo

    The Russian Navy group, headed by the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy, is preparing to launch strikes on rebels in Aleppo. This was reported by citing a source in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    According to, the strikes will be launched on the remote outskirts of the city and not on the residential areas.’s source stated that the Russian military intends to use Kalibr cruise missiles and the naval aircraft to carry out this …

  • Kremlin disclosed plans for Aleppo after completion of humanitarian pause

    The Kremlin stated that the ceasefire introduced by Russian military in Aleppo will continue as long as members of the Syrian opposition who are stationed in the city do not undertake aggressive actions, the Press Secretary for the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov said, as reported by Interfax.“The humanitarian pause has a clearly defined time frame, but the policy of temporarily halting the operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces continues. This decision was made with …