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  • Russian government proposes to let Putin control all defense transactions

    The Russian government has submitted to the State Duma a bill that expands the powers of the Russian president and introduces mandatory coordination with him of all transactions with shares of defense companies.

    A special requirement to obtain the consent of the President will apply to sale transactions, the possibility of sale or transfer to trusts of shares (shares in the authorized capital) of "organizations of strategic importance for the military-industrial complex and security of the …

  • Kremlin: Putin is ready to meet with Zelensky but does not want to discuss Crimea

    Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin is ready to meet with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    Peskov said that Putin is not going to discuss the annexation of Crimea in negotiations with Zelensky.

    The Kremlin believes that the presidents should meet because relations between the two countries "need to be fixed,” but Kyiv does not show political for that.

    Putin's spokesman also said that so far there has been little progress in organizing a …

  • Putin suggests bringing Taliban into ‘family of civilized nations’

    Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed a desire to establish ties with the Taliban militants who captured Afghanistan.

    "Russia is not interested in Afghanistan’s disintegration . If this happens, then there will be no one to talk to. And if this is so, then we need to think about the fact that the sooner the Taliban enters, so to speak, into the family of civilized nations, the easier it will be to contact, communicate and somehow influence them, " said Putin at the plenary session of the …

  • Putin gives green light for free economic zone on Kuril Islands

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially given the green light for establishing a free economic zone on the Kuril Islands.

    At the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, Putin announced an "unprecedented" set of tax incentives, which should create the best conditions for business in all of Asia.

    "We will completely exempt business from paying key taxes on profits, property, land and transport tax. And for 10 years," Putin said, adding that this will apply to the companies that …

  • Putin: Russia's population could have been 500 million people

    The possibility of Russian population reaching 500 million people, which Russian president Vladimir Putin voiced during the "Direct Line" in June, continues to be on Putin’s mind.

    On Wednesday, September 1, at a meeting with schoolchildren at the All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean", Putin said that the population of Russia could have been about half a billion, if it had not been for the shocks of the XX century.

    Over the past century, Russian statehood has crumbled twice, the president told …

  • Putin and Lukashenko to sign decree on integration of Russia and Belarus

    On September 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin will sign a joint decree with Alexander Lukashenko on the integration of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

    This is a package of "road maps" for integration, the last 28 documents outlining the integration of the two countries. The signing should take place during the meeting between Putin and Lukashenko in Moscow, Interfax quotes the Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko.

    "The Union government will have a meeting where all these …

  • Russia starts building four submarines and two corvettes

    On Monday, August 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a keel laying ceremony for four submarines and two corvettes, reports the Kremlin’s press service.

    Nuclear submarines Prince Potemkin, Dmitry Donskoy and large submarines Mozhaisk and Yakutsk will be built in St. Petersburg and Severodvinsk, and corvettes Grozny and Buiny in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

    According to Putin, Russia needs a powerful and balanced navy, because it "plays a key role in ensuring the country’s security, protects …

  • U.S.: Russia preparing another test launch of nuclear-powered Burevestnik missile

    Russia may be preparing to try another launch of a nuclear-powered missile Burevestnik (Skyfall), the previous tests of which turned into a tragedy and the death of five people.

    A new test of one of five types of super-weapons announced by President Vladimir Putin in 2018 could take place at one of the testing sites near the Arctic Circle, CNN reported.

    Photos taken on Aug. 16 by private company Capella Space showed that large shelters were erected at the test site in two months period to …

  • Putin’s press secretary’s daughter to secretly marry an influential Chechen in Italy

    23-year-old daughter of the Russian Presidential spokesman, Elizaveta Peskova is getting married. Her husband, reportedly, will be an influential 33-year-old Chechen, Ruslan Golbazov.

    The upcoming marriage has been reported by the Russian opposition publication Open Media, which is citing two sources who received an invitation to the event.

    According to Open Media, the wedding will take place in Italy on the island of Sardinia in the luxury resort of Porto Cervo. It is expected that hundreds …

  • Kremlin: Biden’s statements about Putin are intended for Americans worried about Russia’s technological achievements

    US President Joe Biden's statement that the Russian economy relies only on nuclear weapons and oil is an attempt to calm domestic opponents alarmed by Russian innovations in the field of high technology and the change in the position of the American leader on Nord Stream 2, said the Vice-Speaker of the Russian Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev.

    "Some [Biden's] statements cause sincere bewilderment. This is, in fact, an attempt to repeat the ridiculous thesis of [former U.S. President] …