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  • Baring Vostok asks Putin to intervene in Calvey case

    In an open letter published on its website, Baring Vostok has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to personally take control of the embezzlement case against the fund’s founder, Michael Calvey, and other fund members. 

    “In order to ensure a comprehensive, independent and objective investigation of this criminal case, we hereby ask that you take personal control of the criminal case that has been initiated against M. J. Calvey, V. L. Abgaryan, I. N. Zyuzin, P. Delpal, M. S. Vladimirov and A. …

  • Russian military expert: Kremlin would be foolish to use new Zircon missiles against the US

    Russia’s Zircon missiles cannot cause serious damage to the US, even though they are presented as an unstoppable weapon, claims Russian military expert Konstantin Sivkov. 

    In an interview with the Vzglyad news outlet, Sivkov said that it is “utter folly” to think that two or three Russian vessels in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific could destroy America’s military headquarters with Zircon missiles. 

    “These ships couldn’t even come within 500-1000 kilometers of the US coast. A powerful …

  • Russian media publishes potential targets in US for Putin's new Zircon missiles

    The Russia-1 television channel named US military centers on the American eastern coast that can be targets of the new Zircon missiles. RIA Novosti reports that these locations include the Pentagon, Camp David, Fort Rich, McClellan, and Jim Creek.

    Among the targets could be the Pentagon building in Washington, where the Chief Command of the US Armed Forces and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff are located. Camp David is the US government control center, and Fort Rich (Maryland) is the command …

  • Kremlin confirms the upcoming meeting of Putin and Netanyahu

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet in Moscow on February 27. Putin’s Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov confirmed that preparations were being made, RIA Novosti reports. Peskov also said that the settlement of Syrian conflict will be discussed at the meeting. 

    As reported on the website of the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu stated that during the meeting with Putin, “Iran's issue will be at the top of the agenda.” They will also discuss the …

  • Experts: Over the past 15 years millions of talented people have left Russia

    The authors of Atlantic Council’s reports “Putin’s Exodus: The New Russian Brain Drain,” believe that a new wave of emigration from Russia is increasing because of political and not economic reasons. 

    According to the authors, emigration from Russia has been going on more than 15 years. Under Vladimir Putin between 1.6 to 2 million Russians left the country. At the same time, more have left since 2012 than during the first eight years of Putin’s presidency. 45% of those who left the country …

  • President of Belarus threatens joint response with Russia if the USA deploys missiles in Europe

    Belarus may employ reciprocal measures together with Russia if the USA deploys missiles in Europe in violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty or INF, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stated, BelTA reports. 

    “I am afraid that the Americans will grab the fleeting opportunity to deploy the missiles in Europe after breaking the treaty. If they do, things will turn nasty for us. And together with Russia we will have to think about reciprocal measures. It is unavoidable if …

  • Putin: Russia ready for new Cuban Missile Crisis

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is prepared for a new crisis like the Cuban Missile Crisis if the US wants to create it, and threatened to deploy hypersonic nuclear weapons on ships and submarines close to American territorial waters. 

    The Cuban Missile Crisis, known in Russia as the Caribbean Crisis, took place in 1962, when the US deployed nuclear missiles in Turkey, and Moscow responded by deploying missiles in Cuba, leading to a 13-day confrontation that put the world on …

  • Putin: Russia’s newest weapons have no equivalent in the world

    Russian President, Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Grand Kremlin Palace before the concert in commemoration of Defender of the Fatherland Day, stated that Russian weapons have no equivalents in the world.

    “Our prospective weapon models have no analogues in the world, in any case, at least not yet, and I think that they will not [have them] for a long time,” said Putin as quoted by Kremlin’s press service.

    According to him, at the heart of this success is the “tireless work of scientists, …

  • Russian journalists in Central African Republic may have been killed by mercenaries from Donbas

    The people who killed the Russian documentary filmmakers Orkhan Dzhemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Kirill Radchenko in the Central African Republic (CAR) last year may have flown in especially to do this from the part of the Donbas not controlled by Ukraine, and returned there after committing the murder. This theory was proposed by Pyotr Verzilov, a member of the Russian activist band Pussy Riot, who is carrying out his own investigation into the filmmakers’ deaths. 

    “The people who carried …

  • Netanyahu and Putin agree on a new meeting in Moscow

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, the prime minister’s press service said. The parties discussed the situation in the region and agreed to hold a working meeting in Russia “in the near future”. 

    The Kremlin’s announcement about the telephone call between Putin and Netanyahu does not specify the exact date of the meeting. 

    According to the press secretary of Netanyahu, he expects to hold talks in Moscow on February 27, RIA Novosti and …