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  • Iceland supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and sanctions against Russia

    Iceland expressed support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and the continuation of sanctions against neighboring Russia, stated the ambassador to Ukraine, Kristín Árnadóttir, during a meeting with the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin.

    “Iceland’s position regarding Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and also the sanctions policy against Russia, remains unchanged,” Árnadóttir noted.

    As was noted in the ministry, Árnadóttir led the government delegation of Iceland …

  • The Russian State Duma threatened Norway with nuclear weapons due to the presence of U.S. Marines

    The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee, Franz Klinzewitsch, stated in his interview with Norwegian TV2 that the U.S. Marines stationed in Norway are part of U.S. preparations for global strikes and that Norway can become the target of Russian strategic weapons because of it.“It is very dangerous for Norway and its population. How we should respond to it? We have never before put Norway on the list of targets for strategic weapons. However, the …

  • Lithuania expects to receive air defense systems from Norway before 2020

    NASAMS medium-range air defense systems, which Lithuania has purchased from Norway, will be delivered by 2020. According to the Delfi news portal, this information was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania, which has signed a technical agreement on the purchase of the systems’ components and missiles this week.

    The agreement, which was approved by the defense agencies of Lithuania and Norway, stipulates the conditions and the responsibility of the countries regarding the purchase …

  • Poland proposes new pipeline from Norway to replace supplies from Russia

    Poland presented a new gas pipeline project named "Northern Gate" that could deliver gas from a shelf in Norway through Denmark to Poland, as reported by EurActiv foundation.

    The plenipotentiary representative of the Polish government on strategic energy infrastructure stated during the hearings at the European Parliament that Poland wants to replace supplies from Russia with supplies from the West.

    The project also known as the "Norwegian corridor" envisages the transportation of 10 billion …

  • The U.S. and Norway discuss plans to deploy U.S. servicemen along Russian border

    The Ministries of Defense of the United States and Norway are discussing the possibility of deploying U.S. forces in Scandinavian countries bordering the Russian Federation, Deutsche Welle reported.

    “The capacities for additional drills, stocks and such sort of things are evaluated in the Armed Forces,” the Ministry of Defense of Norway noted, adding that it was a long-standing wish of the United States. It is reported that the Pentagon wants to deploy 300 U.S. marines near Vaernes in …

  • Norway begins construction of wall along Russian border

    Norway has begun the construction of a wall along the Russian border. Polish Radio reports that the wall will be 200 meters long and three and a half meters high.

    The wall will be built at the Storskog border checkpoint. The goal is to protect the northern border of the Schengen area from an influx of refugees.

    Refugees are now using the route through Russia, along its border with the EU, more frequently due to the closure of the migration corridor that ran through the Balkans. Last year, the …

  • Norway: Russia is responsible for peace in the Crimea

    In response to the Russian accusations that Ukraine has prepared sabotage actions in the Crimea, the Norwegian minister of foreign affairs, Børge Brende, stated that Russia bears special responsibility for avoiding further escalation of the situation around the Crimea, the press service of the Embassy of Ukraine in Norway reported on Sunday.

    “Norway stands in solidarity with the rest of the global community concerning the international legal status of the Crimea. The Crimea is and will be a …

  • 45 percent of Norwegians consider Russia to be a serious threat to their country

    Almost half of Norwegians think that Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin, are a serious threat to their country, as shown in the results of an Ipsos poll conducted for Dagbladet, Norwegian channel TV2 reported.

    In particular, 1,000 people answered the question "to what extent does Russia and its President pose a real threat to the security of Norway?" 8% of respondents answered that the threat is very significant and 37% said it is significant.

    44% of respondents believe that the threat …

  • Norway is upgrading its defense capabilities due to 'unpredictable actions' of Russia

    The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg announced that Norway has begun a large scale strengthening of its defense capability and an upgrade of the military sector for protection from unpredictable actions by the Russian Federation, Deutsche Welle reported.

    According to the proposed law that should be approved by the Parliament, Norway plans to increase its military budget by 165 billion crowns (17.5 billion Euros) during the next 20 years. Solberg said the planned upgrade is the largest …

  • Norway will take part in the construction of small hydroelectric plants in Ukraine

    Norway is interested in cooperation with Ukraine on the development of environmentally friendly technologies. This was announced by the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Ukraine, Jon Fredriksen during a meeting with the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, Igor Nasalik, about the Congress "Energy Spring 2016", Nasalik’s press service reported.

    Representatives of the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce informed the Minister about the status of the …