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  • Moldovan President Dodon promises 'to overthrow the parliament and the government in all possible ways'

    During an official visit to the training ground in Bulboaca ,the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, accused the government and parliament of “being influenced from abroad” and threatened that he “would overthrow its authority in every possible way”, reported the office of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

    “Together with the people of Moldova, we will direct our efforts to overthrow this authority in every possible way, including convening the Great National Assembly and …

  • President Dodon asked Russia not to impose sanctions against Moldova

    Moldovan President Igor Dodon promised during a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to support a strategic dialogue between the two countries. At the same time, Dodon appealed to Moscow with a request to refrain from sanctions after Rogozin was declared persona non grata in Moldova.

    The meeting between Dodon and Rogozin took place in Tehran. Initially, it was planned to be held in Chisinau on July 28, but Romania did not permit the plane carrying the Russian official …

  • Moldovan parliament speaker condemns President Dodon for plans to reward Russian peacekeepers

    Moldovan Speaker of the Parliament Andrian Candu has criticized the intentions of President Igor Dodon to present official awards to Russian peacekeepers, urging him not to confuse official awards with protocol gifts.The Speaker wrote about this on his Facebook page.

    "On one of the Russian TV channels, President Dodon, in order to show his support for Moscow, boasts that he violates and will violate the Constitution. Angry at the tough position of the Parliament, which is expressed in a …

  • President Dodon: Moldova will never be anti-Russian

    Igor Dodon, the President of Moldova assured that Chisinau would never pursue an anti-Russian policy, RIA Novosti reports.

    “I am absolutely against Moldova considering even the possibility of joining NATO... If someone tries to use Moldova as cannon fodder in the fight against Russia, I mean the goals of NATO. We see what they want and achieve in this region. We see what some Western forces in Ukraine have achieved unfortunately... We do not need such scenarios,” Dodon said in an interview on …

  • Moldovan President hopes for the resignation of the Prime Minister after the expulsion of Russian diplomats

    The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, said at a press conference on Tuesday that he hopes that the country's Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, will resign after the decision to expel Russian diplomats from the republic.

    "I hope that in the near future I will see other resignations (on Tuesday, Dodon signed four decrees on the resignation of other ministers - members of the Liberal Party of Moldova). Maybe the Prime Minister himself will leave because of what happened yesterday," Dodon stressed.

    He …

  • President of Moldova opposed to country’s entry into NATO

    President of Moldova Igor Dodon said at a meeting with Speaker of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin that joining NATO is categorically unacceptable for his country.

    “I've always said to all our external partners that there are three or four things that I can never [allow] to become subjects for negotiations. The first is our statehood, the preservation of Moldova, not merging with any other countries. The second is our neutrality, and NATO is categorically unacceptable. The third …

  • President of Moldova was the only foreign leader to visit Moscow on Victory Day

    The only foreign leader to visit Moscow on Victory Day was Moldovan President Igor Dodon, Russian news website reported.

    He participated in the Victory Parade in Red Square. It was the first time in 15 years that the Moldovan President participated in events of May 9th in Moscow, the site reported.

    Not only that, it was the third time Igor Dodon visited Moscow since the beginning of this year.

    The official website of the Kremlin reported that a number of state …

  • A referendum on strengthening the powers of the president will be held in Moldova

    Moldovan President Igor Dodon initiated a referendum for citizens of the country to express their opinions regarding the expansion of the powers of the head of state. The order was signed on Tuesday, March 28th, during a press conference where the results of Dodon's last 100 days as president were summed up.

    The referendum will ask whether the President should be granted the right to dissolve the parliament and organize quick elections.

    In addition, three more issues will be raised on the …

  • Study: Russia is attempting to destabilize Moldova

    In 2017, the Russian Federation will try to destabilize the situation in Moldova, either by using its loyal political forces or by the "resuscitation" of the so-called “Kozak Memorandum” on the Transnistrian settlement, which may lead to the federalization of Moldova. This was stated in the study "Risks of 2017" presented by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives Viitorul, in Chisinau, as the Ukrinform reported.

    "Russia doesn't have many tools of political influence in Moldova, …

  • Dodon intends to ask NATO to confirm the Moldova's neutrality

    Moldova’s President, Igor Dodon, said that at the February meeting with NATO leadership in Brussels, he plans to offer an agreement on the recognition of the Republic's neutrality by the Alliance.

    "I intend to insist on the cancellation of the agreement on the opening of the NATO Liaison Office in Chisinau. Furthermore, in the Brussel meeting in February, I intend to offer an agreement on the recognition of Moldova's neutrality by the NATO," Dodon told RIA Novosti.

    He stressed that "he …