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  • Kiev calls on France to refrain from easing sanctions on Russia

    The call of the French Senate to gradually ease the sanctions against the Russian Federation may indicate that its senators have not understood the depth of Russia’s violation of international law. This information was mentioned in the comment of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the resolution of the French Parliament on June 8th.

    “We understand that this document is declarative and non-binding. At the same time, we should note that respect for sovereignty and territorial …

  • French Senate proposes lifting sanctions on Russia

    The French Senate appealed to the government of France to gradually lift economic sanctions against Russia, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported. The decision was made at the evening session after a 4-hour discussion where 302 senators voted in favor while 16 voted against.

    While the decision has no binding power over the government of France, it is nevertheless a political position that puts forward the recommendations of the Parliament. Evropeyskaya Pravda noted that the final wording of the …

  • First mistral class carrier, initially built for Russia, arrives in Egypt

    One of the two mistral class helicopter carriers originally built for Russia by France was transferred to Egypt, the radio station France Bleu reported.

    A ceremony took place in the port of Saint-Nazaire, during which an Egyptian flag was raised above the ship.The second ship will be delivered in September. This was previously reported by French military expert Philippe Chapleau, who also said that the mistral carriers were given Egyptian names.

    "The former 'Sevastopol' and 'Vladivostok' will …

  • Despite sanctions banning his entry, Russian Agricultural Minister was admitted to the EU

    Even though the Russian Minister of Agriculture, Alexander Tkachyov, is on the EU sanctions list, French authorities have issued him an entry visa. The press service of the Ministry reported this on the 23rd of May.

    Tkachyov was placed on the list in mid-2014 in connection with Russia’s annexation of Crimea. At that time, he was the governor of the Krasnodar Krai.

    French authorities have not yet given a reason as to why they issued a visa to Tkachyov.

    Tkachyov headed the Russian delegation …

  • Ukrainian MFA: Events in the French Parliament may lead to the lifting of sanctions on Russia

    Officials in the lower house of the French Parliament have put forward a proposal to abandon pressure on Russia through economic sanctions. This may lead to sanctions being lifted altogether.

    The Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine for European Integration, Olena Zerkal, discussed the issue on Channel 5 on Wednesday. When asked about the prospect of continuing European sanctions against Russia, she responded that she thought “it will not be easy, especially given the recent events that took …

  • France demands that Ukrainian authority be restored in Crimea

    France will not change its position regarding the need to restore Ukrainian authority in Crimea and Kiev's control over the entire Ukrainian-Russian border. The Permanent Representative of France to the UN, Francois Delattre, said this at a formal meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine, which took place on Thursday night in New York.

    "Settling the crisis in the east of Ukraine is the primary goal for France. Together with Germany, we will continue to mediate the crisis …

  • Media: Hundreds of lawyers worked 'day and night' on appeals in the Yukos case

    Les Echos newspaper reports that hundreds of legal experts, especially in France, worked day and night last year on the appeal that resulted in the Hague District Court’s ruling to overturn the decision for Russia to pay compensation in the amount of $50 billion to the former shareholders of Yukos Oil Company.

    French journalists Valerie de Sennevil and Yves Burdiyon explained in their article "Billions and threats: Yukos story without an ending" that the Tribunal's decision does not mean the …

  • Bank that gave loan to French National Front went bankrupt in Russia

    The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has established an interim administration for the first Czech-Russian bank, which is known for providing loans to the National Front political party (France), headed by Marine Le Pen. “The interim administration will quickly prepare proposals regarding the future activities of the bank,” as reported on the bank’s website.

    Russian media had previously reported on problems at the bank. In particular, on the 13th of March, the daily newspaper Vedomosti …

  • French fighters escorted two Russian Tu-160 bombers flying over English Channel

    According to the French daily newspaper Le Figaro, General André Lanata, Chief of Staff of the French Air Force, announced that on February 17th two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers flew over the Channel Tunnel and were immediately escorted by French fighter planes in order to avoid further incident.

    "The aircraft remained over international waters.  They turned back without entering French airspace," Lanata reported.  The General said that the Russian bombers were escorted by Rafale and …

  • Normandy Format Ministers have yet to reach an agreement on the issues of elections in the Donbas

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, stated that he does not feel that any breakthroughs were made during the talks between the Foreign Ministers of the ‘Normandy Four’ countries in Paris, Reuters reports.

    The Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Germany, Russia and France were unable to agree on the key issue of the meeting- the elections in specified districts of the Donbas region.  Germany and France have proposed to hold elections in the first half of 2016.  Moscow, …