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  • Bank that gave loan to French National Front went bankrupt in Russia

    The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has established an interim administration for the first Czech-Russian bank, which is known for providing loans to the National Front political party (France), headed by Marine Le Pen. “The interim administration will quickly prepare proposals regarding the future activities of the bank,” as reported on the bank’s website.

    Russian media had previously reported on problems at the bank. In particular, on the 13th of March, the daily newspaper Vedomosti …

  • Czech National Bank imposes temporary ban on European-Russian Bank activity

    The Czech national bank imposed a temporary ban on the European-Russian Bank’s (ERB) financial activity. According to the regulation made by the Czech National Bank today, the ERB, which has operated in the Czech Republic since 2008 has temporarily lost its authority to take new deposits and provide credits.

    Czech National Bank spokesman Tomáš Zimmermann stated that the Czech National Bank, as the executive body of the Financial Oversight Committee, evaluated the situation of the ERB. After …

  • Czech troops to strengthen NATO’s eastern borders

    The Czech Republic plans to send 100 soldiers to NATO’s eastern flank to support the alliance's borders with Russia. This was announced on Sunday, February 21st, by Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnicky, as reported by Reuters.

    "We are talking about a company of soldiers, about nearly a hundred people who would join the contingent of the Alliance," Stropnicky said on Czech television, adding that the troops will arrive in Poland and the Baltic states later this year.

    On February 10th, the …

  • Two Czech Deputies Visit Donetsk, Spark Outrage

    On January 14th, two Deputies, Communists of the Czech Republic, Zdenek Ondracek and Stanislav Markovic travelled from Russian Federation territory to an area in Donetsk controlled by illegal armed groups.

    The Foreign Ministry released a statement on Friday that expressed its vehement protest at the illegal entry of the two Czechs into the territory of Ukraine as they visited the temporarily occupied Donetsk region. The Foreign Ministry pointed out that this trip was not coordinated with …

  • Czech Rupublic Communist MP denied entry into Ukraine

    A Deputy of the Czech Parliament, who is a representative of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, Zdenek Ondrachek, was not allowed into Ukraine at the Borispol airport, as reported by the Czech news website Novinky.

    "I came for a conference on elections. I have been an election observer in Mariupol twice, but I was told that I've become a persona non grata and am not allowed to enter Ukraine," said Ondrachek.

     According to the Czech MP, the attitude of Ukrainian employees at the …