Zelensky: Russian weapons near Ukrainian, Moldovan and Georgian borders threaten entire Europe

In his speech in Georgia at the Batumi International Conference, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he believes that Russian weapons threaten not only Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, but also the whole of Europe.

Zelensky stressed that if the European Union does not show firm support for the European aspirations of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, then Russia immediately shows the iron muscles of its weapons near the borders of these three states.

According to Zelensky, Russian weapons near the borders of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova are a threat not only to these countries, but also to the entire European continent.

During his working visit to Georgia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also visited the demarcation line with occupied Abkhazia.

Zelensky’s press service reported that he visited Abastumani observatory and the Enguri Bridge, which is the only checkpoint in the region.

"Russia has been increasing its military presence in Abkhazia. The rights of residents are being violated," Zelensky said during the visit.

Zelensky also spoke with representatives of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia.

The Ukrainian President  said that Ukraine and Georgia are friendly states and strategic partners, who mutually support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of each other. The countries will work together to de-occupy their territories and realize their aspirations.

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