Zelensky: only Putin can make a decision to end war in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he is ready to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin only if the issue of ending the war is discussed.

Speaking at the Ukrainian House in Davos, Zelensky noted that after the atrocities committed by the Russian military in Ukrainian cities, in particular in Mariupol, Donetsk region, as well as in Bucha and Irpen in the Kyiv region, there are fewer opportunities for organizing a meeting.

"Every day it will be more and more difficult to organize a meeting between our countries at the level of presidents. It's complicated. But, nevertheless, we should try to end [the war]," the Ukrainian President said.

Zelensky stressed that on the issue of ending the war, it is better to meet personally with Putin, since only he single-handedly makes decisions in Russia: "We must be clearly aware of this. All their institutions are united by one decision – the decision of the President of the Russian Federation. And if we are talking about a specific decision — to end the war — then without him there will no be such decision. It will not come out without a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation. And after what they have done, you understand that there is definitely no great desire for these meetings. And there is no great desire to meet with intermediaries. I do not think of a single meeting with anyone from the Russian Federation, except for the president. And only if there is only one question on the table - the end of the war. There's nothing else to say."

The Ukrainian President added that in the matter of organizing negotiations, not everything depends on the Ukrainian side.

"There will be a conversation with Putin, whether there will be any other format – frankly, it does not depend only on us. We will fight until we liberate what we can liberate, until we liberate our land," Zelensky concluded.

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