Leader of Right Sector to authorities: Stop repressions of pro-Ukrainian activists.

Dmitro Yarosh, the leader of Right Sector, a far-right Ukrainian nationalist political party, called for defiance against authorities.

 In his statement he said:

"Anti-Ukrainian scum is carrying out the revival of the pre revolution order and is provoking the people to  another revolt. The recent events have demonstrated this. And in particular this is the arrest of my comrade Sergei  Sternenko in Odessa “.

Yarosh, the member of Ukrainian parliament , has accused the authorities of collaboration with Putin to sabotage Ukrainian statehood."

He went on to say :

“The patience of people is reaching its limits. I call on all the leaders and  heads of security services to stop the repression of Ukrainian patriots.  It may not end well for you. This time you will not be able to run away from Ukraine like your predecessors ".

On September 8, an activist of Pravy Sector Sergei  Sternenko was arrested in Odessa. This sparked a public outcry over the alleged government’s crackdown on pro-Ukrainian activist.

The head of the Internal Affair department of Odessa, Georgi Lortkipanidze, said that the arrests were made according to the court warrant in suspicion of the assault and kidnapping of a local MP.



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